Laser Hair Removal: Is it Worth It?

If you're like the other 60% of people out there you've probably thought about, or wanted to get laser hair removal.

Or you could possibly be part of the near half a million people who got it done in 2011. (See Source)

If that number sounds big, we don't blame you, but at the same time, doesn't a permanent solution to shaving sound nice?

Today we're going to look at the process, post-procedure & the pro's & con's of laser hair removal and dive into the world of smooth skin.

Smooth Skin Sounds Great... But What's The Process?

Typically patients will arrange an appointment with their local clinic and set up a day and time to receive a consultation and possibly start on procedures same day.

The consultation goes over all things in the range of: patient wants and needs, procedure explanation, possible warnings/side effects, time expectancy, as well as appointments.

On average patients typically go in for 4-7 treatments depending on how large of an area they're trying to have done.

Treatments need to be spaced out with typically a month in between each procedure, to ensure recovery and also catching the next hair growth cycle.

Starting the process ultrasound gel is applied to whichever part of the body you the patient chose and the laser procedure begins.

A common reference to the pain of the laser is that of a rubber band being snapped against skin.

Post Laser Treatment

Once you're finally done with all of your treatment it's important to keep avoided UV exposure for about 7 days.

Considering everything your skin just went through, it's normal if it appears red or irritated or a possible line or lines are left.

We recommend doing all of the following to decrease redness:

  • Restorative Gel
  • Cool Towels
  • Ice Packs
  • Aloe Vera

All of the above are great for reducing redness and decreasing discomfort caused by heat.

If a possible blister or broken skin should occur, we recommend using an antibiotic ointment until healed. However, do your best to not pop blisters as this will just increase pain and irritation time.

For pain we recommend Tylenol or possible over the counter prescription pain alleviation medications.

These simple things can make a big impact on how you feel, respond & recover from the procedure.

Additionally we recommend you follow all of these basic guidelines:

  • Avoid using seat warmers immediately after treatment
  • Avoid other laser treatments or chemical procedures on treated area for at least 2 weeks or until the area is healed.
  • We recommend using a broad UVA/UVB SPF 30 or higher to receive laser treatments and maintain maintenance.
  • Exfoliate treated areas to minimize risk of ingrown hairs.
  • Follow schedule for procedures recommended by your Technician.

Pro's of Laser Hair Removal
  • It doesn't remove the hair all together but it drastically reduce hair growth, so shaving is not necessary.
  • You can remove hair on your body and there is no limit to what cannot be shaved.
  • In terms of pain levels, after the first initial treatments, pain becomes much more tolerant & less of that of waxing.
  • Save wasted time that you would spend shaving
  • Reassurance you won't injure yourself resulting in pain or poor appearance.
  • Reassurance no matter where you are you have smooth skin.

Con's of Laser Hair Removal
  • It can be a slow process receiving the treatments. Typically patients need between 4-7 treatments and each procedure is roughly 4-6 weeks apart.
  • It can be costly, but time is money and beauty is worth it.
  • Make sure the equipment used works for your skin type. Depending on certain pigments and machines used, the laser may have a hard time picking up where the hair follicles are.
  • If done incorrectly it can result in scarring or burns. Regulations and licensing vary from state to state, so make sure whoever you use, have proper training and licensing to due so.

Overall Final Thoughts

All in all this treatment and its uses are really up to you and your preferences.

If you have specific areas you are tired of shaving or seeing hair, laser treatment could definitely be the thing for you.

The question that needs to be asked is, are you one financially able and two is this something you want in your life.

The process is definitely a game of patients but the rewards are yours for the taking if you can wait.

What does a summer body look like for you and how much time and hassle would you save if shaving wasn't a worry anymore?

We think for the right person this treatment is fantastic, it can give you an overall boost in confidence and appearance and let you be who you want to be without worrying about any annoying hairs or patches.

Let us know what you think!

Until next time,

~Health Watch Medical Clinic and Esthetics.