Getting Tested? We've got you covered

Going into the doctors can be a scary thing, even just for a check up, you never know exactly what will happen or what will be said.

There is always that ounce of fear that something may come up or that your health may be off in some way.

What's even worse is going into the doctors knowing something could be wrong and getting a test performed.

Even with the best doctors and reassurance that medicine has to buy, we all know there is some questions that need/want to be asked.

Together we're going to go over a little guide on what questions to ask doctors before or during a medical test.

Questions To Ask

There are several scenarios in which we could think of every situation that could occur and that may cause you to want to ask a lot of questions.

Before you worry yourself and drill your doctor with questions and anxiety, try these ones out first:

  • Why is this test being done?
  1. You have a right to know why a test is being performed on your body or about or health.
  2. This question will give you peace of mind as to what and why is being tested.
  • What outcome should I expect?
  1. Remember how we talked about getting ahead of ourselves? Ask this question to stop thinking about every scenario and to either give yourself peace of mind or prepare yourself for what is about to come.
  • Do we have to do this now? Or can we revisit this later?
  1. You should have an understanding of the urgency and seriousness of your situation and the importance of the test at hand.
  • Are there any dangers or side effects?
  1. Be sure to understand the possible dangers of getting this test done & its post procedure effects.
  • How will I find out the results? How long will they take?
  1. Knowing how and when are crucial. You may not want specific people to see your results, so making sure they are delivered privately, is important. Additionally having a timeline of when to expect your results is important, especially if it is of urgent concern.
  • What will we know after the test?
  1. Considering you are getting a test done, it is important to know what it will discover. Your doctor should be able to clearly tell you what this test is looking for and how probable it is to diagnose.

Final Thoughts

Tests can be scary but the more transparent the process, the better.

You should be aware of why, how and when the test is taking place, additionally you should understand the possible urgency this test uncovers.

We hope we were able to give some clarity and peace of mind, as well as some helpful tips for your next visit.

Until next time

~Health Watch Medical Clinic and Esthetics